Section b

Character alphabet for Sam 


A is for apartment. Sam lives in an apartment

B is brave. Sam is brave, he is not afraid

C is for caring. Sam cares for Lucy

D is for the disability Sam has

E is for effort. Sam is putting his best effort into his job, making money and getting Lucy back

F is for all the friends Sam has. Sam has a lot of friends

G is for grateful. Sam is grateful for everything he has. He values everything he has

H is for how honest Sam is. He always tells the truth and never lies

I is for innocent. Sam was accused for harassing a boy, but he never did

J is for job. Sam works at Starbucks

K is for how kind Sam is. Sam treats everyone with respect

L is for Lucy, the name of his daughter

M is for sams mental capacity. He has a mental capacity of a seven year old

N is for nervous. Sam is nervous about getting Lucy back or not

O is for optimistic. Sam hopes to get Lucy back and thinks positive

P is for positivity. Sam is confident that he will get Lucy back

Q is for questioning. Sam is always thinking about if Lucy is happy and alright

R is for respect. Sam respect everyone’s opinions

S is the support Sam had to raise Lucy like his friends, Rita and randy

T is for tasteful. Sam behaves well

U is how useless Sam was without support. If he hadn’t had support from his friends and lawyer he might of not been able to take care of Lucy

V is for venturesome. Sam will risk anything for Lucy

W is for willing. Sam is willing to give everything to Lucy to make her happy

X is for Xenodochial. Sam is friendly to others

Y is for young. Sam acts young because he is disabled

Z is for zeal. Sam has enthusiasm in getting Lucy back.





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