Mystery of history


 Stonehenge is a ring of large ring of rocks that were estimated to be built in 3000 to 2000 b.c. This place is being studied because scientist want to know how people moved the huge rocks and to know what the purpose of the Stonehenge is. Easter island is an island that is 60 miles squared in distance, that has huge statues of people. There are 887 statues on the island. Scientist think that 17,500 people lived on the island, but died, because of eco side and Europeans coming on the island and spreading diseases. Scientist want to know the purpose of the statues. Nazcalines are a bunch of lines in the desert that make up certain shapes and objects. Estimated to take 1000 years to make. One theory on the nazca lines is that the nazcas were trying to communicate with gods. Scientist want to know how they construct the drawings without viewing it from above.

There is a limit of what scientist can discover for each ancient structure. For example, they cannot find the specific people that made the structures. There are is no evidence to determine who built the structures, but we know how they manage to create the structures by finding remains of stone tools and the time they were built.


Here is what we know and we think we know Note Feb 14, 2018-1-1lswwxj


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