Compose And Create A10 A2


Compose and create

Location-The location of the story takes place in a secluded/isolated area in the middle of the woods. The moonlight is shining light beams on the abandoned house, and the light gets dimmer as is gets further away from the house. Fog is surrounding the woods. Tree branches surrounding you, are like hands reaching to grab you. The house is dark, windows are cracked, paint is chipping, and wood is rotting.

Image result for dark forest

Lighting-the lighting is huge in terms of contrast. The blacks are very dark the moon light white and bright. The lighting is unrealistic because the contrast is harsh.

Props-some objects in proximity of the house, are, an old wooden shed, an abandoned vehicle, and tall grass

Image result for abandoned shedImage result for abandoned carImage result for tall grass

Costumes- The main character in the story wears brown cowboy boots, long blue jeans, leather belt buckle, brown cowboy hat, a red and black plaid shirt, and a green bandana

Actors-Mike Myers is the main character of the scene.

Make-up-the main character has wrinkly skin, a long beard, and dark skin

Sound effects or background music-The main ambiance for this scene would be crickets chirping and owls howling in the background.



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